Monday, February 8, 2010

Following My God Dream

In the days following my awakening dream, I have on many days, woke with a sentence, advice I believe from the essence of God within my cellular structure. On February 1st I heard: Release your want to receive your treasure." On the 2nd, I woke with the image of epoxy...a type of glue which only works when the contents of two tubes are mixed together...the liquids are absolutely ineffective until mixed together. I rejoiced in the knowing that God's essence is mixed with ours, not separate. On the 3rd, I heard, "Be not discouraged, neither be afraid." On the 4th "I am the intelligence in every cell in your body." To which I asked: "Am I merely a puppet, then?" And I heard "No, you have a mind of your own." On the 5th: "Your best ideas are inspired by me, but I may take it up a notch if you'll take the lid off the pot." Apparently God has a sense of humor! I can't explain why or how or even what, but I am greatly honored to be dreaming these dreams and I feel blessed and reassured that God indeed knows each of us intimately.

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