Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dreams of lost loved ones.

Last night I dreamt of my former mother-in-law. She was wild, a bohemian, business woman, an inventor, designer, someone I admired very much...yet never got along with very well. One time when she made a surprise visit; my hubby, her son and I were working in the backyard and I took a break to make grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's tomato soup, she saw the soup can and said, "Don't feed my son canned soup, he had too much of that when he was young." Meaning she had fed it to him! She didn't approve of my modesty, didn't understand why I preferred a call before a visit...bear in mind that we were running a business from our home...but on the other hand when her son and I decided on a bicentennial wedding she designed and sewed period costumes for she and her husband and her mother and step-father...and they all looked gorgeous. Near the end of her life I cared for she and her husband, she had dementia, he Alzheimer's, (what's the difference I do not know...and what of senility...but anyway...) I'd put my work on hold to take her to a doctor appointment and to lunch and then the grocery store...take her home and put groceries away...and later get a call from her: "Where are you? I've been sitting here waiting to go all day." It was sad, and of course when she showed up in my dream last night, looking young, 38-42 and pretty, redish hair in a sweet style, pretty make-up, soft smile...I was elated. She said, "I had trouble loving myself." That explained why she made some of her life decisions. She had three men with her, she said, "I wouldn't have had this make-over but they were having a special." It was so sweet so kind. I know she was in pain near the end, that was horrible. But her dream visit, explained everything and gave me great comfort. She was dancing, with men cutting in! Thank you Mother Nature, Creator, God for dreams.

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