Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Ride!

In my dream I was driving a little smart car, I was behind an 18 wheel truck, and just barely cleared the intersection before stopping as the truck stopped about 30 feet short of the light. I really had to slam in the breaks and was so so close to the back of the truck it made me really uncomfortable. I backed up and went around the truck in the lane to the left. I thought about giving the truck driver my dagger eyes, but thought better of it and took the high road. Next my car disappeared and I was on skates, old fashioned metal roller skates, same road. I was on Sepulveda Blvd, about to arrive at Ventura Blvd. I could turn left, go straight or turn right, I was aware that I was dreaming and that I could make this choice, the street was slick and I was scared. I turned right and the street became the beach. Sand, kids playing down in a ditch. Next, I was in a house, up on a bunk bed, kids on the beds and under neath between the beds...I was climbing over and at one point was worried because I was wearing shorts and I hoped that I didn't flash a kid down below, he didn't seem to notice anything, a girl in the next bed said "Oh, my sister does much do you weigh?" I said "120 pounds." She helped me crawl over her to the next bed. Next, I was sitting on a couch in the study being told by the hostess of the party that someone I knew had died, an older lady, in the dream I seemed to know exactly who it was and I couldn't believe that she was gone...she had given me a few trinkets, little colored glasses and a few other little things to take home, I wanted a bag to carry them in...

What does it mean?

Nothing can stop me, not even big obstacles! I make the right decisions, (right turn) old stuff or previous experience is starting to pay-off. I'm being assisted and gifted. A slight fear of over-exposure or how new work will affect my privacy...but not to worry. And old self has died, new youthful energy is assisting as I move forward!

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