Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep Hitting!

Much like talking in your sleep or sleep walking, you may kick or strike out in your sleep. Most of us are essentially paralyzed, a trick of brain chemistry, while in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) period of sleep, probably a good idea by Mother Nature, so that we don't fall out of bed or injure someone who we are sharing a bed with. Last night I dreamt that my husband and I were on a road trip. We had stopped by a place we had been to on our way there...on our way home to use the restroom. I went into one marked "Toddlers" and was sitting on the toilet when I noticed a round pipe near the floor on each side of the room. I looked at the pipe on the right side and saw an eye looking back at me. I started swinging toward the eye, too far away to use much force, and I guess I couldn't get up either. I remember that I was trying to figure out how I felt as if I was on the ground floor, a concrete floor at that, but yet someone was somehow, below me. In the morning my husband said that I had hit and kicked him in the night. Ah oh! So sorry! I have been a sleep talker all my life, but sleep attacker, that one's new to me. Hoping not to do that again.

What does the dream mean?

I'm revisiting a place in life that I have been to before, I am releasing something I no longer need, something I have already benefitted from. I am in a semi-public felt like a car garage, mechanic shop type the language of dreams any vehicle can represent the body, I was on a road trip, the path of my life...I'm not on the ground floor even if it feels like it, I am being observed...and I'm not an infant but a toddler on my spiritual path :) Hmmm...what will tonight's dreams bring?

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