Monday, February 8, 2010

My Dream, A Conversation With God!

It was a lucid dream, I was dreaming and yet aware that I was dreaming. In my dream I was with God. I didn't see God, I was in the presence of God's energy. I asked: "How does it all work, God"
And God showed me. There were things I saw and felt and words I heard. God said "I am the consciousness in every cell of your body, and in the cells of every living thing." Then there was a knowing that God is also in the energy all around me and around every living thing. God said "The reason the bible says that God knows the number of hairs on your head, is because God is in every hair on your head, God is holding them onto your head." I said "When I was young I spent a lot of time pondering how God could hear my prayers, and everyone else's prayers too. God was kinda in the same category as Santa Claus to me and I couldn't figure out how Santa could possibly read all the letters he received either. In those days I thought of God as a crowned, bearded man on a throne in the sky."
Now, someone else with the opportunity to communicate with God, would have asked, how can we achieve world peace, or what is the cure for some major illness, but, (not proud of this but it's real, I had gone to bed feeling bloated and knew that I had gained a few pounds over the holidays which I was lamenting) as I observed the beauty that God is living within my cells, animating as God said to me my "clay matter" the very life force in me and all others--I said "God you know my body, my purpose, my soul, tell me, how can I best release these few extra pounds?" (The intension was set and I knew I'd release the weight easily.)
Then I realized that every fly, ant and other insect also have God in them. God breathes life into everything. A new reverence for all living things over-took me, I was filled with such appreciation. I remembered hearing that when asked if he had any regrets--the Dali Llama said "Only that I once accidently stepped on an ant." I then realized that since God already knows my thoughts, wishes, wants, desires and experiences, I don't pray to inform God, I pray for my own clarity. God knows all before I am even made aware. Every intuition, idea and prompting comes from God. "You are my beloved and in you I am well pleased." God showed me the energy of thoughts, thoughts create. I said "Psychologists, for the past 100+ years have taught that we need to be responsible for our behavior and actions, but not our thoughts. But the truth is that thoughts create, they shift energy, and we can learn to control them by seeing the God in the other person. Just as the Japanese water scientist discovered in affecting water with words and emotions. There was an echo as if God and I were speaking the same words at the same time.
I am still living in awe of this dream, daily I close my eyes and tune into the God within the cells of my body and give thanks for knowing that God is not removed, or far away in some perfect land in the sky, but here knowing Gods-self through me and through each of us. A living God, living our lives with us.

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Anonymous said...

I felt the same to today. And I'm glad you made the distinction that the dream was lucid! At times I also heard a preacher in that DREAM preaching the Words of God... ( the Lord is my Shepherd etc) I wondered whether there were relevant to what I needed to live by... in order for a specific prayer of mine to be answered. I'm still figuring this out. But there was something about the vibration... the energy .. the spiritual awakening. One thing I see is that when you really say i Love you to God... meaning it with all your that Lucid dream, that energy (God's spirit) becomes stronger within you! If only people thought of God not as a physical being (person) like you and me, that lives up and sits on a chair above the sky but a spirit of life as you said!

~Joshua Mkhwananzi~